Gong Xi RIUH, a powerful cocktail of local performers

14 locals acts give their all over two days last February at Gong Xi RIUH.


RIUH has always been about supporting the locals; be it their vendors or their performers. Various mainstream as well as indie artists have performed on RIUH’s stages all over the country. This time, the stage was set in Kiara Skate Park last 24 and 25 February.

Entitled Gong Xi RIUH, there’s something for everyone here in terms of the performers. The notes of pop, indie, R&B, soul, jazz, and rock intertwine to create an enchanting symphony for the senses. 14 performers have shared the stage in Kiara Skate Park in the span of two days.


Liesl-mae, who started off doing song covers on YouTube and eventually caught the attention of the label OFFMUTE, was one of the artists who performed during Gong Xi RIUH. Serenading the visitors with her soothing, slow voice and indie vibes, she brought a calming atmosphere to the performance.

Blue Nanyoung

There was also the indie pop band, Blue Nanyoung which had just formed in 2023. This quintet delivered a fusion of razor-sharp guitar-driven hooks, soulful R&B grooves, and effervescent synthpop, concocting a refreshing blend of uplifting melodies.


In tandem with the uplifting melodies, ADRIEL also graced the stage alongside Apriltwentyfifth. This alternative pop artist played relaxing tones as well as light-hearted lyrics for the crowd to enjoy.


Not forgetting also RESORT, a Kuala Lumpur-based alternative pop band that managed to amass 6,000,000 streams collectively by releasing one song every month in 2020, making the most of the pandemic. Their unique sound and versatility serenaded the audience that came to Gong Xi RIUH.

Su San

Contrasting with the vibrant atmosphere, Su San, the dark pop queen, returned to the stage last year after a four-year hiatus. Her cryptic yet haunting lyricism, influenced by artists like FKA Twigs and Lana Del Rey, captivated audiences at Gong Xi RIUH, effortlessly reclaiming her place in the spotlight.


Another wonderful performer at Gong Xi RIUH was Shelhiel, a genre-bending multidisciplinary artist, who showcased his electrifying talent in the region’s thriving English and Mandarin electronic pop scenes. His performance was marked by incredible energy, even venturing into the crowd to engage with the audience first-hand.

Jo Lixian

Aside from pop and rock, there was also Jo Lixian who brought soul and R&B into the mix as well. Debuting at the age of 19, Jo has performed at various venues not only locally, but in America as well. Her music also incorporates a touch of jazz, inviting the audience to move their bodies to the beat of her performance.

Noel Ng

Nutritionist by day, Noel Ng moonlights as a singer-songwriter with music that is dreamy and escapist in nature. Rooted in folk, her music incorporates old jazz, indie pop and good old rock n’ roll. The soothing voice of Noel matched the folk genre well and gave the people a little bit of a breather in between the other artists.

Eiva Qian

Another performer in the lineup was Eiva Qian, who is not only a folk artist but also a spiritual astrologer. Viewing songwriting as a form of healing art, she employs her vast vocal range to deliver simple yet profound lyrics that evoke the connection between humanity and nature. Her soothing performance offered solace to the audience, nurturing their souls with tranquillity.

Clinton Jerome

Moving into the R&B genre, there were a few musicians who fit that bill, one of them being Clinton Jerome. He started his music journey at church and has since then performed at various venues catering to hundreds and thousands in Borneo. He pursued a career in music professionally starting in 2013, releasing 2 well-known singles in Borneo followed by more singles down the road, enjoying a fair share of radio airplay in the west.


Serenading the audience with his soulful voice was Johnson, an artist who has 1.1M streams on Spotify. Not a stranger to performing on stage, he has been in the music scene since 2020, the year he released his first single. Other than Johnson, David Soh also brings soul music to the stage, influenced by artists such as John Mayer and the like. Their slow music produced a calming effect, soothing everyone’s ears during the hot weekend of Gong Xi RIUH.

David Soh

One of the most energetic performances during the weekend was the one by Tiga Soul, an R&B and Pop act consisting of three women. Their performance during sunset really hit the mark at hyping the audience up. One interesting fact about Tiga Soul is that they can sing in seven different languages!

Tiga Soul

Finally, a surprise performance at Gong Xi RIUH which was announced on the day itself was Midnight Fusic. Closing out Gong Xi RIUH with a rocking performance, the alternative-rock band brought high spirits to the ecstatic crowd. People were screaming and jumping around alongside the band’s music, ending the night on a high-octane note.

Midnight Fusic

All in all, each and every performer for the Gong Xi RIUH showcased their best, making the event such a wonderful mix of various genres and songs. Gong Xi RIUH was held last February and currently, the RIUH team is busy preparing for RIUH Raya Kuala Lumpur which will happen from 29 to 31 March 2024.

RIUH also has just announced their Kembara RIUH 2024 with seven stops this year including Sabah and Sarawak. More updates from them can be found on their social media.

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