ZHAN Art | Space presents Auji Azmi’s Refraction of the Soul: An Introspective Voyage as closing exhibition for 2023

ZHAN Art | Space is excited to present its final instalment for the year 2023 with a brand-new exhibition titled Refraction of the Soul: An Introspective Voyage by Johorian artist Auji Azmi. With a Fine Arts Diploma from UiTM Seri Iskandar, Johor Bahru, the exhibition is an immersive exploration of Auji’s journey of self-discovery. The exhibition aims to turn canvases into mirrors, reflecting and crystalising the soul, preserving them within the confines of time.

The artist, Auji Azmi

In this exhibition, which comprises 16 artworks, Auji strives to depict the soul as an ethereal blend of abstract, an earnest quest for soul-searching. In order to understand the soul, it is pivotal for the viewers to comprehend themselves and forge a connection with their intrinsic nature. 

Auji shared that “these artworks traverse the delicate boundary of ‘existence’ and non-existence,’ transcending into a realm that defies comprehension, a realm steeped in profound mystery”. She further invites the viewers on a conscious voyage through their inner psyche, pondering the diverse dimensions of soul. The artworks not only embody the unification of mind, space and time but viewed together will convey them into one harmonious unity.

‘Beyond the Passage’

“We wanted to present a memorable and exciting exhibition to end the year of 2023. Auji’s exhibition does just that as her works are presented in a dynamic context, with each artworks showcasing a flow of movement, interaction and transformation. We hope that the viewers will have their own interpretations on these pieces and how the artworks will morph and evolve through time as well as the viewers’ state of mind and emotions,” said Desmond Tong, founder and curator of ZHAN Art | Space.


Refraction of the Soul: An Introspective Voyage will run from now till 29 December 2023. Artworks will range from RM 2,000 to RM 27,600. Follow ZHAN Art | Space on their Instagram and Website for more information!

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