‘Voice of the Heart’ concert gives aid from the heart

Upcoming concert featuring Rahmad Mega, Jay Jay, Nadeera and Erni Zakri seeks to raise money to help Palestinians.


We have all heard so much about the crisis in Palestine and the horrific slaughter inflicted upon the Palestinian people this year. Our hearts go out to those who have fallen victim to the ongoing conflict, and CS Excellent evidently feels the same, as they are organising Voice of the Heart concert, a concert aimed at raising funds for Cinta Gaza Malaysia (CGM), an organisation dedicated to providing aid for Palestinians. CGM helps to provide food, accommodation, medical aid, and infrastructure for Palestinians.

According to Marinatasha Mustapar, director of CS Excellent, the Voice of the Heart concert will also help Persatuan Artis Veteren Malaysia and Pertubuhan Limpahan Kasih (Anak-Anak Yatim dan Asnaf), charities that help veterans and orphans. Marinatasha says, “We know that they, too, are among those facing difficult times. So, we don’t want to forget them and with the existence of this charity performance, to some extent, we can help and share blessings together. In short, the contributions that will be distributed are comprehensive.”

This concert features four famous local artistes: Rahmad Mega, Jay Jay, Nadeera and Ernie Zakri. Marinatasha also expresses her gratitude to the artistes that have agreed to perform in the upcoming concert. She says, “Previously, many other artistes were invited to participate, but only those listed had the availability for this performance. They are also interested in getting involved together to contribute and help. In terms of the performance, the organizers have established the concept of a show that reflects both struggle and peace in line with the purpose of this concert. So, in addition to popular songs, they will also perform several songs specifically dedicated to Palestine in their special performance.”

Marinatasha encourages the public to purchase tickets, not just to be entertained, but also to contribute to the ongoing efforts to aid the Palestinians. She adds that other than ticket sales, they also welcome contributions from individuals and organisations.

The concert will be held at Zepp Kuala Lumpur on the 7th of March 2024. You can get more information and purchase tickets here!

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