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IKAT 2.0 Takes Malaysians on an Interactive Journey of Tapestry Weaving and Textile Art

Within the diverse cultural landscape of Malaysia, IKAT 2.0 seeks to emerge as a tribute to the local artisan heritage, extending an invitation to Malaysians to delve into the captivating narratives of textile art, ethnic tales and exceptional craftsmanship. Scheduled to tour Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Terengganu and Kuching, the year-long programme, IKAT 2.0 takes form as a pop-up textile experiential hub featuring an immersive installation, heritage textile gallery, hands-on workshops by skilled artisans, talks and a fashion show. The IKAT 2.0 Kuala Lumpur edition is set to unfold on January 6 and 7, 2024, at The Godown Arts Centre.

IKAT – short for Immersive Knowledge and Textile – endeavours to the conservation of Malaysian textile heritage and re-invigorate the public’s engagement in these crafts with technology and strategic collaborations with artisans, new media artists, educational institutions and subject matter experts. Through these efforts, IKAT infuses vitality into traditions, curating an immersive experience to enrich Malaysians’ appreciation for heritage textiles, motifs, techniques as well as the meticulous creation processes, ultimately cultivating a robust demand for these cultural treasures.


Every instalment of IKAT 2.0 promises a distinctive theme tailored to the audiences of each state it graces. The first stop of the pop-up textile experiential hub, taking place at the Godown Arts Centre from January 6 and 7, 2024, spotlights the allure of Bornean artisanal textiles, focusing on the centuries-old tradition of Iban handwoven textile Pua Kumbu; pis embroidery of the Rungus tribe as well as the integral heritage and cultural expressions of Borneo’s indigenous communities, beaded art.

The curation of the IKAT 2.0 KL edition is led by Jacqueline Fong, the visionary behind Tanoti Crafts – an acclaimed social enterprise committed to the conservation of heritage crafts, women’s empowerment and rural community development.

Highlights of the IKAT 2.0 x KL Experiential Centre are as follows: –

  • Immersive Installation “Dreamweavers”: Unfolding across 480 sq ft, “Dreamweavers” invites you to step into a vibrant and dynamic realm inspired by the dreams of Bornean artisans. Feel the tenacious spirits of skilled weavers and the beautiful artistry woven into every textile creation.
  • Textile Gallery and Live Demonstration of Pua Kumbu, Pis Embroidery and Beaded Art Pieces: Partake in a first-hand experience at the exhibition to appreciate the creativity and intricacy of the ethnic textile up close. Don’t miss the live demonstration of Pua Kumbu, pis embroidery and beaded masterpieces to witness the revival of the cultural heritage, where every weave and bead tells a story of craftsmanship and continuity.
  • Workshops Guided by Artisans: Explore the artistry of pis embroidery with Crisna binti Mojupi from Kampung Lompozou, Sabah, who is recognized as Adiguru Kraf Sulaiman Pis in 2022 for her unwavering dedication to preserving this cherished heritage craft. Uncover techniques of Pua Kumbu weaving with Helen Manjan anak Atong from Kapit, Sarawak, representing the third generation of master weaves from the esteemed Rumah Gare community. Learn about the secrets of Borneo beadworks with Lucille Awen Jon from Kuching, Sarawak, who has been acknowledged as a Young Master in Bidayuh Traditional Beading by the World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region.
  • Talk Sessions: Engaging discussions led by the artisans – Crisna binti Mojupi, Helen Manjan anak Atong and Lucille Awen Jon where they will be sharing their insights and expertise in heritage textiles.
  • Fashion Showcase: An exclusive fashion runway featuring contemporary interpretations of heritage textiles alongside Borneo’s cultural vibrancy on January 7, 2024. The showcase will be a visual feast of curated pieces, incorporating the ideas of more than 20 young designers. This event is a collaborative effort with the Limkokwing University’s Faculty of Creative Arts and Lifestyle, overseen and curated by Dato Tiffanee Marie Lim.

In the realm of Asian cultural exploration, IKAT 2.0 stands as a one-of-its-kind experiential event that harmoniously integrates heritage textiles with an enriching interactive experience. The IKAT 2.0 is spearheaded by Experiential Design Team (EDT) – a creative studio specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality as well as mixed reality and powered by Yayasan Hasanah – an impact-based foundation of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia.

Admission to the IKAT 2.0 pop-up textile experiential hub is free.  For further information about IKAT 2.0 KL Edition, please visit or follow their social platforms at IG @IKATMalaysia.

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