Here are your nominees for the 19th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards!

The 19th BCAA, held on May 5, will feature 37 sub-categories, allowing many great productions to share the spotlight.


The time has come to once again celebrate our beloved performing arts scene in Malaysia, as the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards returns for its 19th edition, organised in partnership with Kakiseni. The nominations were revealed on March 18, 2024 at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC), with many industry veterans and cornerstones of the performing arts scene in attendance.

The theme for this year’s BCAA is Pentas Kehidupan: Meneroka Tanpa Batasan, which translates to “The Stage of Life: Exploring Without Limits”. The theme was chosen to venerate the limitless creativity shown by performing artists. To the organisers, mundane and extraordinary life experiences are the greatest inspirations for artistic innovation and transformation.

It was a year filled with many quality productions, with 74 works of dance, music, theatre and musical theatre submitted and evaluated by a panel of judges. The sheer volume of excellent works produced truly shows that the industry is back in full force. To allow the sheer breadth of performing arts achievement to be properly celebrated, 37 sub-categories will be awarded, such as Best Actor/Performer in a Leading Role, Styling & Make-up, Best Costume, Production Values and much more.

Jason Foo, the CEO of BOH Plantations says, “The 19BCAA is special to BOH as it coincides with our 95th Anniversary. In retrospect, I see that there is much in common between perfecting the craftsmanship of tea and advancing the performing arts industry.” BOH Plantations has long supported the performing arts industry, with the awards show a mainstay of the local scene for many years. “Both require an unrelenting spirit with a strong sense of passion, dedication and commitment to master our respective crafts,” he adds.

Low Ngai Yuen, the president of Kakiseni acknowledges the ever-changing nature of art, saying, “The BCAA has been a steadfast champion of excellence for almost two decades, dedicated to recognising the very best. In addition, it’s essential to highlight that continuous efforts in judging and innovation in the performing arts are being recognised. As we witness changes that are taking place, the way we view excellence is also evolving. The BCAA embraces this evolution, ensuring that innovation and adaptability are valued alongside tradition and mastery.

“There will be updates and tweaks to the judging formats and methodologies in time for the next BCAA. This is the Awards’ commitment to staying relevant and responsive to the dynamic nature of the performing arts scene. Here’s to honouring that legacy and continuing to elevate our extraordinary talents for years to come.”

The BCAA ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 5, 2024.

The full list of nominees can be viewed here.

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