Bayangan’s ‘Dari Pinggiran’ showcase an evening full of auditory delights


On the 24th of May 2024, Malaysian singer-songwriter Bayangan, also known as Fikri Fadzil, held a concert at PJPAC to showcase his newest EP, titled Dari Pinggiran. The singer is known for his indie folk music.

This EP is a deeply contemplative work, originating from Bayangan’s involvement with San Collective’s 2022 art performance titled Dari Pinggiran Vol: 1, which was staged in Taman Desa in an abandoned school. The school had partially become a camp for migrant workers and was littered with forgotten objects. The workers being in a state of existential limbo and living within a “void” of sorts inspired Bayangan to explore themes of being on the periphery of society and existence.

The showcase was opened by two bands: Francoe and Upstart Incorporated. Francoe is a musician duo comprising Francis from The Filters and Coebar, formerly of the post-rock band Glass. Their music was eclectic and unique, incorporating lots of samples and different melodic loops. Francis would frequently switch between guitar, drums, and vocals throughout Francoe’s performance. His drum solos were particularly impressive, infusing intense energy into the songs.

Upstart Incorporated as well, impressed the crowd with their experimental jazzy sounds. The band is a free jazz trio made up of saxophone player Syafiq, bassist Fadhil, and drummer Amir. Before Upstart Incorporated, they played in the experimental band Think!Tadpole!Think!. Their performance incorporated no small amount of improvisation as expected from a jazz act, ensuring there was never a dull moment.

Not about to be outdone, Bayangan also put on a great show, playing many of his newest tracks, dazzling the audience with smooth vocals and atmospheric indie rock soundscapes. Tracks like Merajalelah / Bersahaja, Seberang Sana, and of course the eponymous Dari Pinggiran captivated audiences. Of course, Bayangan did not restrict his setlist to those songs from his newest EP alone but also included tracks from his other albums, 2022’s Kelana and 2018’s Bersendirian Berhad. All in all, the three music acts made up an incredibly entertaining and musically diverse evening.

Follow Bayangan on his Instagram page here, and don’t forget to follow Francoe also for more great music!

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