A different kind of circus was in town

Cosplayers and anime enjoyers were presented with various activities over the last weekend at NiMa's Circus by Season4Otaku

Over 6,000 anime and cosplay enthusiasts has been swept away at Atria Shopping Gallery Event Hall for the Season4Otaku Mini 2024 – NiMa’s Circus on June 15 and 16. Showcasing various thrilling activities, competitions, and performances that left attendees spellbound with one of the highlight attractions is the Coswalk Competition which exhibited the extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity of cosplayers who brought their favourite characters to life.

The competition was split into two categories which is Lolita Coswalk Competition which was judged by Shi Wei and Akira 雨 whom they dubbed Sakura the winner. Raisha was deemed winner for the Kid Coswalk Category by KING ANGEL 天王, Akira 雨梦 and Frankie Liben.

Aside from cosplay competition, there were also dancing competition with Liz and Crazed Joker as the judge lineup while the judge for singing competition was Kazuki Tai who also performed at the event. Team Majide and Dimlyying appeared triumphant in the respective categories.

On top of that, over 110 vendors filled the event hall showcasing their merchandise and artworks for visitors to enjoy. Some of the vendors involved was Jom Figure, Akari Mall, Pasar Virtual Entertainment and De Beauty Zone as well as local doujinshi (self-published print works) such as ct_lutharts and SSaki to name a few.

“We are excited to have witnessed the success of NiMa’s Circus over the weekend. Our mission has always been to make anime and cosplay accessible to enthusiasts in Malaysia but we also strive to invite newcomers from across the country as well as the region to explore all the wonder and magic anime has to offer,” said Yap Kai Shuien, Founder of Season4Otaku.

This rings true when Bambooxun, Taiwan’s beloved comic artist made an appearance and spoke about the inspiration behind his humorous comics – characters associated with the horror genre like Bloody Mary and Hanako-san were given a comedic twist to make them light-hearted and funny for his audience. During his talk, Bambooxun shared his experience as a self-taught artist, running a stall as well as giving creative insights and inspirations for other budding artists.

Not only there’s live performances by artists such as Kazuki Tai, Sanjiboo, Frankie the Magician, and QiQi; there was also MYVTC Vtuber Showcase with lineups such as Mobula, Minoru Kun, Rena Fenrir and Ryikaa present during two days event.

Those who were seeking for thrill and excitement also saw their craving satisfied as NiMa’s Circus also featured a spooky haunted house for the thrill-seekers who get to navigate the dark passages and face various creatures inspired by Japanese folklore and horror stories. It was organized by 7th Sense Production who also wrapped up the event on both days with a whimsical Clown Parade.

All in all, the Season4Otaku Mini 2024 – NiMa’s Circus was an oasis of cosplay and anime events in which still not in the spotlight here in Malaysia. Kai Shuein further added, “Our team is also gearing up for our other exciting events happening this year which includes Omatsuri Time!2024, Season4Otaku Mini – NiMa Bistro, and Collection of Fear and we hope to continue this momentum for many years to come.”

Malaysian anime, game, and cosplay enthusiasts can keep up to date with Season4Otaku’s latest events via their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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