5 things to look out for at Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair (KLIF) 2024


Following their success of the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair 2023, they are back this year with a bigger and better offering of showcase and events. The Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair (KLIF) is a collaborative project consisting of four entities, namely Creators Project Associates, FILAMEN, Studio Behind 90 and iNCH Lab. With the mission to educate, empower and ignite illustration art, there were 30 featured artists and 75 illustrators both local and international presented in the 2023 edition of KLIF.

KLIF Committee – Lai, Shakir, Billie, Juan, Jang

With a whopping number of 3,700 visitors last year at KLIF, this year’s edition is planned to be grander, occupying two floors at the Bukit Bintang creative community mall, GMBB. The key visual theme for KLIF 2024 is An Odyssey of Creativity and Innovation which encapsulates a journey of boundless creativity and innovation, reflecting the extraordinary talents showcased at the event. Encompassing the design of rockets, spaceships, and planets, it reflects the spirit of exploration and discovery.

It is also a great honour to announce that BASKL is one of the official media partners for this year KLIF 2024! With that, let us dive into the highlights of this year’s edition, happening on May 3 – 5 2024.


Last years’ edition was filled with about 100 illustrators showcasing their works through their owned decorated booths. With this year, expect to be more enthralled with illustration overdose as there will be over 150 participating artists showcasing their works. While last year’s participants come from six countries, this year, there will be more international presence as illustrators from 11 countries has joined; namely Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Brunei, Korea, Brazil and the UK.

Visitors can expect a varied array of young and upcoming illustrators, who went through a meticulous shortlisting process from over 250 submissions. They will be exhibiting alongside internationally-famed creatives such as AKINORI OISHI (Japan), ANDRE WEE (Singapore), JAHAN LOH (Singapore), ARDNEKS (Indonesia), Martcellia Liunic (Indonesia), ZEEN CHIN (Malaysia), and so much more. The sections are divided into Highlight Pavilions & Showcase, KLIF Artists, as well as participating fairs from the South East Asian Illustration Council.

A wide array of presentations awaits, as each artist will meticulously curate their own booth, transforming them into mini galleries that reflect their distinctive personalities and brand identities. Attendees can anticipate encountering artisanal illustrated goods and merchandise, interactive displays, and even digital showcases throughout the event.

International Pavilion

Carrying the international collaboration spirit, KLIF 2024 will also present International Pavilions. This is a new component that invites agencies and fairs from overseas. The intention behind this is to showcase regional talents and promote further dialogues amongst audiences. In this edition, there will be participants from China, namely Yunnan Arts University and Yunnan Provincial Museum as well as Organisations of Illustrators Council from Singapore.


Aside from showcases of illustrators, KLIF 2024 will also host a dialogue during the opening of the fair. For this time, KLIF is proud to announce their partnership with Southeast Asian Illustration Council. This council comprises of leading illustrations fair from across the region which are Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair, Illustration Arts Fest Singapore, Jakarta Illustration and Creative Arts Fair, and Manila Illustration Fair.

The culmination of this collaborative endeavour will be an engaging dialogue session centred on the present state and the future prospects of the illustration industry. It will serve as a platform for sharing insights, addressing challenges, and brainstorming collaborative solutions aimed at advancing the art of illustration across Southeast Asia.

Happening on Friday, May 3, 2024 from 3 – 4:30pm, this dialogue will feature four speakers, Michael Ng from Illustration Arts Fest Singapore; Novrizal Pratama from Jakarta Illustration & Creative Arts Fair; Glendford Lumbao from Manila Illustration Fair and Billie Almashoor from the very own Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair. Furthermore, invited as well are its guest presenters, Fariz Hanapiah of AR Festival Kuala Lumpur and Abdul Shakir of PIXORAMA Motion Design Conference!


Alongside dialogues, there will also be conferences happening throughout KLIF 2024. The first conference will be held on the second day of the fair, May 4 starting from 11am – 5pm. With the subject of Unveiling Creativity, seven speakers hailing from Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia will take a deep dive of fascinating narratives, inspirations, and methodologies that fuel their creative endeavours.

In addition to that, the second day of the conference; happening on May 5 consists of two sessions with the title being The Infinite Creators by Art Page and Yunnan Arts University. This conference is all about how art and technology come together, imagining all the amazing things we can achieve with digital drawing, also exploring how digital illustration has changed over time and what can be expected in the future.

Session One which would talk about Infinite Creator Con consisting of Si Juan, Yang XueGuo, Michael Chuah, Liang Fang and Arthur Techeir while the second session discusses Myth and Future, with speakers Liu En Peng, Two People Studio, Duanlei, He Mu and Shen Xin.


Lastly, KLIF will also launch their permanent space located on Level 3 of the GMBB where the programs are curated by KLIF Vice President, Ng Si Juan. The KLIF Gallery will feature exclusive exhibits, the opportunity to purchase unique merchandise and series of monthly exhibitions that showcase the dynamic and diverse talents within the illustration community. This permanent space is designed to foster a deeper appreciation and engagement with the illustrative arts, providing a platform for artists to connect with enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Anticipating a bigger crowd than last year, KLIF 2024 is set to be a must-visit for illustration enthusiasts, offering plenty of chances to learn, connect, and get inspired.

Tickets are now on sale where the cost of going into the conference ranging from MYR68 to MYR98 inclusive of two days pass for the fair. For those who are interested in only getting into the fair, the tickets cost MYR15 for one day pass while a two-day pass will cost MYR25.

More information about KLIF 2024 can be found on their website by clicking the link here as well as on their Instagram. Click here for BASKL’s guide to KLIF 2024!



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