3 reasons why we can relate to Korean film, The Target!

The Korean entertainment industry has always been a global hit these recent years and this time it's back again with another blockbuster that sets to glue us to our seats till the very end


About a decade ago, people only knew Hollywood and that was it. Years later Bollywood came storming into the showbiz scene and for a long time it was these two giants that ruled the screens. But in the past 10 to 15 years, The Koreans too have secured a spot in our hearts and minds when it comes to the entertainment industry. The Target for example, is a brand new Korean film that has just arrived on our shores and is relatable to our daily lives. 

It tells us a story about lead character Soo-hyun who buys a used washing machine online after moving into a new house. Later she finds that the machine is broken and realizes that she got conned. Scam victim Soo-hyun then goes on a hunt to make sure her conman is brought to justice. Sounds like something we might do if we were in her shoes, right? Well, here are 3 reasons why you must go and watch the movie now!

  • Online Shopping Era

We live in an era where the majority of us purchase goods online hence it’s more of a C2C business model that thrives these days. A customer publishes an advertisement of a brand new or used product on a trading platform and then another customer who needs the item on the other end of the internet purchases it. The catch is, we don’t really know who we are buying it from hence the need to read up on the reviews, and verify certain details. 

However, how sure are we that these details given are legit and true? What if the photos published online and the product that arrives at our doorstep are two different things? There is always room for a scammer to eat us up alive! Have we ever had that thought, will we be the next victim of a perfectly engineered scam?

  • Women Empowerment

These days, it is all about women empowerment and how women can actually deliver something at par with what a man can do. In this blockbuster, Soo-hyun who not only lives on her own independently but initiates the hunt for her scammer all alone and portrays a bold young woman. 

Her confidence, grit and determination can be felt right from the start of the movie as she is also seen as a leader at her workplace. Then she got conned on an online deal and the rest is history.

  • Friends and Foes

In this world we live in there are only two types of vibes, positive and negative. A friend usually vibes positively with us while a foe is someone who defecates negativity. Soo-hyun didn’t really know how to evaluate this and after a series of unfortunate incidents, she did not know who to trust any more.

The movie is so smooth that it keeps us on our feet until the end. We really could not tell who the scammer really is and that fear of living haunts Soo-hyun each and every day. Some of our older folks used to say this when we were young, “you be careful out there, stranger danger”, as our young curious-self did not know the meaning of a dangerous world. 

But then again, sometimes strangers are really nicer and kinder to us compared to a friend and on the other hand sometimes we too are kinder and warmer to strangers. So, who do we trust, a friend or a foe? 

Beware, this is a movie that makes us think and maybe even overthink! Whatever it is, if we are not careful, if we do not conduct necessary due diligence before buying something online then we might just be the next victim of a scam, we might even be The Target!

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