Transcend Boundaries with ‘IMMERSIO 2023’

Explore Past, Present and Future at Muzium Telekom this December 2023!

The Muzium Telekom is set to be transformed into a vibrant realm where arts, culture, heritage and innovation converge with IMMERSIO 2023, chronicling yet another exciting chapter of creativity and progressing into its legacy as the custodian of our nation’s telecommunications evolution. Taking over the expansive canvas of a 27,000 square-foot museum space, the latest IMMERSIO collaborates with more than 20 new media artists and cultural maestros, creating an immersive labyrinth of digital artworks, interactive installations, tradition-rich theatrical art, and heritage music with a modern twist. IMMERSIO 2023 is open to the public from 15 December 2023 to 7 January 2024.

Entering its fifth edition, IMMERSIO 2023 is curated by Filamen and energised by Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (Yayasan TM), as the strategic partner through the Digital Technology Incubation Programme. Embracing the theme Waris (Inherited), the latest iteration of IMMERSIO delves into the captivating tapestry of Southeast Asian heritage, offering a contemporary perspective on the essence of bygone eras, cultural identities, enduring traditions, shared values and personal stories. Ignited by the vivid hues of technology and artistic expressions, these inherited narratives will take audiences on a multi-sensory expedition that blends the old and new, allowing them to navigate the continuum between the past, present and the unfolding future.

Within the engaging canvas of IMMERSIO 2023 lies a diverse ensemble of well-established and emerging artists as well as imaginative minds from the Malaysia Multimedia University (MMU). Chuah Chong Yan, a multi-disciplinary artist rooted in architectural origins, extends a mesmerising invitation to explore the mythical and fictional world, redefining the essence of reality and experience. The dynamic young collective – Izealist and Unreality Kai unveils an illuminating doughnut-shaped installation sculptured from window frame glasses and neon strip lights that sparks changes with audience interaction. Vasflow and Karipap infuse vitality into discarded fragments of e-waste, weaving a narrative that explores the multifaceted essence of life through an engaging spectacle of projection mapping and light art. Anwar Suhaimi introduces a series of digital artworks, born from the intricacies of public data and machine learning algorithms, showcasing the rich terrain of Malaysian cultures and ethnicities. Joining the roster of artistic innovators also includes Suzy Sulaiman, Filamen and James Ly, Co-Founder of Anthropology of Metaverse delivering sheer aesthetics with layers of technological finesse that invite contemplation; while rising talents such as Digi Arafah, Ammar Hazman, and Roger Ng enrich IMMERSIO’s vibrant canvas with their unique perspectives.

The gallery, located on the first floor, undergoes a curated revival with works backed by the Digital Technology Incubation Programme through Yayasan TM, transforming it into a unique dimension that fuses the collection of artefacts with contemporary artistic expressions. This space showcases Kacau Bilau, a synergetic duo weaving a site-specific soundscape that echoes the cultural traditions of Nusantara through Anklung and guitar. Pencak Mirage invites audiences into a modern rendition of the tales of Silat warriors through a mixed-reality performance by FLUX 28 Studio. Engage with the beautiful tradition of shadow puppetry in Wayang Kulit Animatronik, featuring 3D printed figures controlled by robotics by Ahnaf Hakimi. Dive into a sensory interaction with Super Codex, a collective recognised for its large-scale immersive performances celebrated across cultural events, theatres and galleries. Revel in the spectrum of colours and flower motifs of ATMA KIRANA by Abdul Shakir (also known as “Grasshopper”), a digital art installation that tells the beautiful story of Rukun Negara.

“As we embark on IMMERSIO 2023, we are excited to present a dynamic line-up featuring artists and emerging creatives from diverse backgrounds and practices. This year’s distinctive challenge revolves around the transformation of a familiar venue into an immersive, serendipitous maze of experiences. To cultivate fresh perspectives, together with our strategic partner Yayasan TM, we have tactically organised a series of initiatives, including a nationwide open call, capacity-building programmes and residency opportunities to leverage the collective strength of the new media art communities. At the heart of these efforts lies the hope that, within the sensorial-charged realm, our audiences are not only inspired to recreate meaningful experiences with the artworks but also depart with a heightened sense of hope and inspiration,” said Abdul Shakir “Grasshopper”, says the Curator of IMMERSIO 2023 and Co-Founder of Filamen.

“Yayasan TM is at the forefront of transformative social impact, forging powerful alliances with communities to drive innovation and enrich Malaysia’s artistic heritage. With the launch of the trailblazing Digital Technology Incubation Programme in 2023, we have supported at least five works that meld arts with technology, bearing witness to the most compelling expressions of creativity crafted by our local artists, and now concluding the year on a high note with IMMERSIO. The theme for IMMERSIO 2023, Waris, resonates deeply with us, especially as the nuanced message empowers the current generation to embrace innovation and emerge with strength while remaining true to their roots and identity,” says Ainol Shaharina Sahar, the Director of Yayasan TM.

The Digital Technology Incubation Programme, initiated by Yayasan TM, is a long-term programme designed to foster the integration of creative expression, artistic practices and technological knowledge to bolster the arts ecosystem. Gearing to be a nurturing platform for local digital artists, creative practitioners and emerging talents, this programme supports the artistic communities through grants, funds, capacity-building workshops and exhibition space.

Details of IMMERSIO 2023
Date: 15 December 2023 – 7th January 2024, Closed on Mondays
Time: 10.30 am to 10.30 pm
Venue: Muzium Telekom, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Admission Fee: RM15 (excluding processing and handling fee), RM5 for children under 12, Free entrance for PWD community
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IMMERSIO 2023’s complete information details will be available at a later date on Filamen’s Facebook and Instagram.



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