The Lain Lain Project


In Sanskrit, 'lain' also means 'to embrace'.

Embracing Differences, through the Lost and Found Ancestral Wisdoms.

Since the pandemic, Borneo Laboratory has collaborated with artists of diverse backgrounds and practices, weaving together a net of connections through art; outside of the labels that define us.

The Lain Lain Project, a trilogical exhibition curation that unveils narratives, dialogues, and chronicles stemming from three transformative journeys undertaken by the Borneo Laboratory over the past four years, culminating in a trilogical exhibition curation.

Within this trilogical exhibition:

‘Serumpun’ delves into the endeavors of 12 Bornean-based crafts communities, showcasing
their commitment to preserving ancestral wisdom in the face of eroding traditions due to extraction economies.

‘Big Trip’ explores how ancestral wisdom and rooted practices serve as the bedrock for cultivating broader global connections.

‘Lain-lain in Kuala Lumpur’ initiates an ongoing dialogue, unraveling the intricacies of ‘lainlain’
within the Malayan landscape.

With a profound aspiration to bridge the divisions caused by visible differences, the exhibition seeks to rekindle our shared roots through the ancestral wisdom gleaned from Borneo’s craft practices, Malayan communities and global communities.

By harnessing the rich demographic tapestry of the city, this project aspires to create a vibrant and inclusive environment where differences are celebrated, and constructive dialogues are nurtured.

The Lain Lain Gallery will be open to the public from 20 April onwards until 20 October this year at Level 6, GMBB, Kuala Lumpur.

This project is made possible with the support from Think City and our venue partner GMBB.

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