The Swordfish, Then The Concubine


口碑佳作《劍魚◉妾》今年3月載譽重演!The highly acclaimed show "The Swordfish, Then The Concubine" is back on stage this March !

重現群島文明剪影,改編自中世紀經典文學《馬來紀年》;王朝興衰的寓言,當代政治的博弈密語,遙遠的神話已歷經蛻變,暗示了今人的命運糾葛。The story of “The Swordfish, Then the Concubine” is based on that of the classical Malay literature work Sejarah Melayu. This story transcends time and space, merges reality and parable, and chronicles the inseparable fate that binds rulers and subjects.

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