Sweet encounters between Ustazah Kamisah and Krishnan, a gardener where Ustazah Kamisah works, who are cravings for knowledge of relationship between husband and wife in the Islamic perspectives has led to the unravelling of Ratna’s life story by Krishnan.

Ratna is a traditional dancer, who she inherited from her late parents, has fallen in love with a Malay guy, Nasir in their village that consists of two gangs, Siva’s Gang and Lokman’s Gang. Siva, the head of his gang, is Ratna’s brother and is the arch enemy of Lokman’s Gang, a gang that Nasir is a part of.

With Siva’s influence in the village is increasing day by day, Lokman starts an evil plan to bring down Siva’s Gang’s effort. Nasir and Ratna have to hide their love story because they are afraid that Siva will find out or things will get worse. What will happen to Ratna and Nasir’s love story? Will they be able to continue their relationship despite the differences in their races and culture?

In the end, after finding out about the truth of Ratna by Krishnan, Krishnan has decided to ask for Ustazah Kamisah to leave. Before she left, Kamisah left another book for Krishnan to learn at his house.

Date: 11 Oct to 15 Oct 2023
Time: 8.30 pm
Venue: PJPAC

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