Jameson Yap MINDFULNESS Calligraphy Solo Exhibition


Trained by his emigrant grandfather who arrived in Malaysia in the 1940’s, JY learned the artform under his tutelage and influence practicing on newspapers to perfect his stroke and calligraphic sensibility.

30 years of practice has led to the invention of JY’s singularly unique style, inspired by the flow of water in a river. He calls this form the River Stroke 流書.

A moving body of water is a powerful thing, yet it can find the path of least resistance around the hardest obstacles in its path to find its way. Water has the power to flow. Fluid and flowing the river achieves it will, always finding its way to its destination.

His endeavour is to show that calligraphy can be a creative, communicative, and emotionally expressive artform as opposed to purely placing emphasis on the style of writing. Through flow, gesture and emotion he hopes to express the distinctive style and influences of a Malaysian upbringing through his art.

This round, Jameson Yap invites you to immerse yourself in his mindfulness series. Wander in each character that’s channelled through his signature River Strokes and bask yourself in the strength and beauty of the flow.

Keep calm, observe and appreciate.

Here’s an invitation to discover not only art, but your inner self and emotion. Regardless whether it calms you down or stirs up emotion, this is the best opportunity to kick-start a deep dialogue between *your what you see and how you feel.

Venue: Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill
Date: 15 May 2023 (Monday) - 30 June 2023 (Friday)
Time: Monday - Sunday, 10 am - 10 pm

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