Three choreographers converge for "Creature Trilogy"

Since ancient times, a lot of stock has been put into the biomechanics of dance movement. Flexibility, agility, coordination, and even the explosive force that we witness in a dancer when they are in their element is proof of biomechanics at work. Each of us has a different definition of “beauty” when it comes to dance. Some might prefer the fluidity of body movements that conform to biomechanics; some might be partial to the startling movements brought on by a violation of these biomechanics.

“Creature Trilogy” sees the return of three renowned choreographers and dancers, Raziman Sarbini, Pexstret Liu Yong Sean, and Suhaili Micheline from the United States, South Korea, and Australia respectively. Each of them have made names for themselves in their countries of base and in their home of Malaysia. Taking lessons learned abroad, they now hope to combine their unique understanding of biomechanics to derive new pieces of work.

“Creature Trilogy” will first feature the solo works by the choreographers, which is then followed by a collaborative piece from all three of them. This triple bill will see an amalgamation of their differences in biomechanics, experience, country, and style that is sure to exceed audience’s expectations.

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